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4 Famous People Who Actually Plays the Ukulele USA peroson playing ukulele outside 820x510 - 4 Famous People Who Actually Plays the Ukulele

4 Famous People Who Actually Plays the Ukulele

Looking like a mini guitar, the ukulele has a distinct dreamy sound. If you close your eyes and strum at it at the same time, it is as if you are instantly whisked away to the nearest beach and into the waves.

It’s no wonder the ukulele “sounds like summer” because it was originally brought to the Hawaii islands by Portuguese immigrants.

Ukulele players actually say that it is easier to learn than a guitar or a violin, and beginners can actually play some simple songs in a matter of days.

This cute instrument is crossing over to pop music, and here are some famous people who can actually play the ukulele but not a lot of people know about. See for yourself!

George Harrison

George Harrison is famous for being the lead guitarist of the extremely popular band “The Beatles”. Of course, he has the guitar-playing prowess, but playing a (much) smaller instrument can be a little challenging for a man used to playing lead on a proper guitar.

Harrison wrote in 1999 that everyone should learn how to play the “Uke” because it’s easy to carry and loads of fun! He is also quoted in saying that he loved the thing and encouraged other people to go out and get one for themselves.

Bruce Springsteen

It’s hard to imagine that a masculine rock legend like Springsteen is holding a small ukulele, but the truth of the matter is, he’s been seen in concerts playing it on stage!

With his subtle lower lip goatee, open shirt and rock star attitude while handling a delicate ukulele, everything is just a sight to behold. Springsteen was seen playing the ukulele while singing “I Wanna Marry You” during his band’s concert in 2015.

Taylor Swift

This sensational pop superstar is all too familiar with playing an acoustic guitar, as the majority of Swift’s compositions are revolving around the country, folk and pop genre. Swift is often seen playing the ukulele, especially in her concerts.

She looks just as dainty as the ukulele that she’s holding! During her successful “Speak Now” world tour in 2011, she was seen playing her instrument, and singing along with it to the tune of “Hey, Soul Sister.”

Elvis Presley

This rock ‘n roll icon is no doubt one of the greatest musical influences of all time, and that’s exactly the reason why he is called the king. Presley had dashing good looks, and his dreamy voice was just perfect for the breezy tunes of the ukulele.

Presley has a number of songs played on the ukulele, such as the “Blue Hawaii” and the famous “I can’t help falling in love”, which is still enjoyed even to this day.

The ukulele is such a nice addition to the string instruments that we are accustomed to. Even a famous musician that we never really envisioned to use the ukulele, are actually fans of it.

Did you expect that a Beatles member knows how to play the ukulele? Did you ever imagine a rock star like Bruce Springsteen would be holding and playing such a cute little ukulele?

Were you surprised by what you discovered? Hit us up with your thoughts, we would love to hear from you!

5 Best Selling Albums Of 2018 You Should Know About USA lady looking for vinyl record album in store 820x510 - 5 Best Selling Albums Of 2018 You Should Know About

5 Best Selling Albums Of 2018 You Should Know About

Music nowadays tends to become easier to get hold of, most especially since there is an influx of songs readily available in the digital market.

One would literally line up for hours at a record store just to get the latest release of a favorite musician before the Internet happened.

Today, millions of music produced by music legends are literally at our fingertips, ready for our personal consumption.

Fans are given all the more options to “cherry-pick” only the specific songs they like in a particular album, without buying the whole thing in digital format, and straight download to a favorite gadget afterwards.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 bestselling albums of 2018, along with the number of sold units.

The Greatest Showman Soundtrack (3.5 million)

The Greatest Showman movie is considered a success by many fans that got to watch it, raking in an impressive $400 million worldwide. The soundtrack sounds as grandiose as the actual movie itself, with some tracks sung by a bunch of people just like in the movie.

Of course, there are a lot of songs in the movie’s soundtrack as its genre is actually a musical drama film. The song “A Million Dreams” has an inspirational theme to it, creating a nice duet for two of the characters.

Love Yourself: Answer and Tear by BTS (2.7 million)

Korean pop, or fondly called K-Pop, is sweeping the world by storm. No wonder this seven-member boy band from South Korea is included in this list! Apart from producing one of the greatest selling albums of 2018, BTS also has a huge presence in social media.

They are the most retweeted celebrity in twitter for 2017 and 2018, and that’s for two consecutive years! The songs are written purely in Korean, but apparently, their non-Korean fans can sing to their songs without any problem!

A Star Is Born Soundtrack (1.9 million)

Lady Gaga, by herself, is already a superstar. The musical romantic drama film is actually the third remake of a 1937 movie with the same title. Gaga’s costar Bradley Cooper is also the producer and director of this movie, and both actors gained praises for their acting abilities.

The album is peppered with songs played with guitars and tunes as if made specifically for Gaga and Cooper themselves. Both spectacularly performed the songs and conveyed the emotions hidden within the lyrics.

Mon Pays C’est L’amour by Johnny Hallyday (1.7 million)

Jean-Philippe Leo Smet, or better known for his stage name Johnny Hallyday, is a big influence in the French Rock n’ Roll scene. He released a total of 79 albums during his 57 years in the music industry, making him one of the most successful French artists of all time.

The songs in the album have hints of soft rock, modern and classic rock, using a lot of guitar strumming and snappy drumbeats.

But no doubt, his strong belting and sometimes-husky masculine voice are quite distinct, coupled with a sexy proper French, Johnny and his albums are indeed hard to forget.

Divide by Ed Sheeran (1.3 million)

Ed Sheeran just exudes pure talent. Not only is he talented with singing, but he is also equally talented as a composer, having written songs for himself and other famous artists.

One of the most recognizable tracks in the album is the song “Perfect”, which almost instantly became a favorite at engagement proposals and most especially at wedding receptions.

His guitar playing and dreamy voice blended exquisitely well in the orchestra background, adding a nice touch to classic pop music.

There were definitely a lot of awesome songs and albums released in 2018. Which one is your favorite?

3 Ways to Spot a Death Metal Song USA man playing metal song together with his band on the stage 1 820x510 - 3 Ways to Spot a Death Metal Song

3 Ways to Spot a Death Metal Song

There’s rock, there’s heavy metal, and then there’s death metal. A thin line separates each one, with rock being the main music genre. Now, how do we classify which one is which? Read on to find out!

Growls and grunts

Different kinds of metal music sound almost the same. But if you listen closely, you’ll be able to spot the difference.

A heavy metal song’s lyrics are usually distinguishable, and commonly high pitched. Death metal singers use a lot of roars, growls and grunts in their songs, akin to walking zombies during an apocalypse.

The lyrics are very difficult to understand, most especially if you’re not really a fan of this specific genre.

Complex guitar riffs

The best rock guitarists are all too familiar with the cluster of chords called the riffs. Rock and other forms of metal use a lot of guitar riffs in their songs, but without a doubt, death metal songs utilize the most complex of electric guitar riffs.

This complexity complements the fast and throaty growls of the singer, making this combination familiar to death metal.

Down-tuned guitars

A lot of metal music heavily uses electric guitars. But again, if you listen closely, there are differences in how these different subcategories of metal use the guitar. From the two words that make up the term, down-tuned guitars are actually just normal electric guitars but the strings are adjusted to become lower in tune.

Heavy metal, for example, use more fast riffs to complement the high-pitched vocals of the front man. Whereas death metal uses more down-tuned guitars, more so to go with the low grunts that the singer is doing.

There you have it, the lowdown on what makes death metal a cut from the rest. Different strokes for different folks, or if we can say it differently, different types of metal for different metalheads, is the way to go.

3 Similarities Between Metallica Bassist and The Who Bassist USA ManPlaying guitar bass on stage alone 820x510 - 3 Similarities Between Metallica Bassist and The Who Bassist

3 Similarities Between Metallica Bassist and The Who Bassist

Most people probably think that the lead guitarist gets all the action with all that shredding and head banging on stage.

Drummers often get to jam with the crowd as well by pounding on their sticks or slamming to the beat. There is, however, a guy on stage that appears to be playing it too cool, looking steady as he plays his instrument.

The bassist is probably the most underrated band member of all time. Why? Probably because he makes bass guitar playing look easy, with calculated foot taps and occasional headbanging while casually flicking on his bass.

In reality, playing the bass is just as hard as any other guitar. You be the judge.

Cliff Burton of Metallica

Burton was actually discovered by two of Metallica’s band members, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich during their trip to Los Angeles. Burton was performing on stage with his previous band when Hetfield and Ulrich heard “this amazing shredding”, which they originally thought was a guitar.

To their surprise, it was actually Burton’s bass solo! He was so good with what he was doing that they decided to recruit him to play for Metallica.

Metallica is one of the most famous heavy metal bands of all time, with nine Grammy awards under their belts. A great rock band needs an equally great bassist as well! Burton played for Metallica for four years, until his untimely death in 1986.

John Entwistle of The Who

John Entwistle is the bassist of the English band, “The Who”. His band is considered as one of the most influential bands of this time, selling millions of records around the world.

His musical inclination started when he was just seven years old. He started playing the piano but he didn’t find it that enjoyable, so he switched to trumpet and French horn when he joined the school band.

In school, he then met Pete Townshend; both of them became members of The Who. Both guys decided that the rock n’ roll genre was the way to go, so Entwistle decided to switch to bass guitar instead.

Entwistle’s style varies from Burton because their bands play a relatively different subgenre of rock (the other plays heavy metal and the latter plays hard rock) but they have other things in common.


For one, they are well known for their bass solos. Lucky as they are, Burton and Entwistle are given ample spotlights by their bands. They have bass solos on records and even solos during concerts. It’s amazing how their bands appreciate how special these two are!

Hall of Famers

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is an authority in recognizing the best and most influential figures in the said music genre. Both Burton and Entwistle are inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to pay homage to their greatness.

Together with their band, Entwistle joined the roster early on in 1990 while Burton joined the list posthumously on 2009.

A lasting memory

Both music greats already passed away into the great bass rainbow in the sky. Burton died in an unfortunate bus accident while on tour with the band, with him being thrown out of the bus window and getting hit by the bus itself.

Entwistle, on the other hand, died from a heart attack due to a cocaine overdose. He was found unresponsive the next morning.

There are a lot of great musicians but there are a few that takes time to perfect their craft. Legends often leave this earth too soon, too soon for us to appreciate their talent immensely.

Clearly, Burton and Entwistle left the scene too early, and the music world will deeply miss them.

7 Types of Metal Music You Should Know About USA Metal rock bank prepoerming on firing stage 820x510 - 7 Types of Metal Music You Should Know About

7 Types of Metal Music You Should Know About

Rock is one of the music genres that is widely accepted by the masses. But not a lot of people know that rock has many different genres underneath it. Case in point, metal is a subgenre of rock.

But, did you know that there are still subgenres of metal music?

Metal may all sound the same but each one definitely has some unique characteristics. Find out more in this article.

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal is one of the most famous types of metal because it has the closest resemblance to the metal music produced by Led Zeppelin and Ozzy Osborne’s Black Sabbath Band. Heavy Metal is almost always just called Metal.

Thrash Metal

If metal and hardcore punk music had a child, thrash metal would be it. Thrash was born in the 1980s, and its derived music influences from both this genre. There was this term called the “Big Four of Thrash”, giving credits to the four bands that made this type of metal known.

Thrash Metal bands were Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax. Metallica gets some plus points for bringing home metal music’s first platinum record for their album “Master of Puppets”.

Death Metal

Death Metal utilizes heavy growls and roars throughout the songs. The complex riffs and down-tuned guitar solos are also unmistakably Death Metal. The lyrics often possess elements of death and antichrist. Two of the most famous death metal bands are Slayer and Kreator.

Black Metal

Black Metal is sometimes regarded as death metal but technically the two are separate subgenres. Yes, they have the same elements of antichrist in their lyrics but one thing separates black metal from the others – distortion.

Distorted guitar sounds play in the background to create extreme noise. A famous black metal band is the United Kingdom’s Venom.

White Metal

After black, comes white. It’s hard to imagine that something light will come from the heaviness of metal but believe it or not, there really is such a thing as white metal.

As the name suggests, white metal is the opposite of death or black metal in terms of lyrics. It has lyrics that talk about God and Christianity. Famous bands in this genre are Jerusalem and Resurrection Band.

Power Metal

Power metal became the answer to fans craving for metal music but without the death lyrics of black and heavy growls of death. Yes, power metal still has some heavy guitar riffs and fast pacing but the lyrics are “cleaner” and more melodic, sometimes with the use of keyboards. Helloween is a famous power metal band from Germany.

Doom Metal

This type of metal is easy to spot because of its recognizably slow pacing. Doom metal still has the same elements of heavy guitar riffs and shouting tendencies but the crawling tempo is unique for its subgenre.

One of the most famous doom metal bands is Black Sabbath, a pillar of metal music.

When you thought that metal music is all just the same, think again. It’s just as complex and diverse as any other genres out there. Plus, it holds a loyal fan base, the ones that enjoy wearing their ripped jeans while headbanging to the new and classic metal albums on their playlist.

Top 3 Songs in Khalid’s New Album “Free Spirited” USA Music Album on filing 820x510 - Top 3 Songs in Khalid’s New Album “Free Spirited”

Top 3 Songs in Khalid’s New Album “Free Spirited”

Khalid Donnel Robinson is an American singer and songwriter more commonly known as Khalid. Born in 1998, this young talent of just 21 years old is well on his way of becoming a superstar on his own.

He released his first studio album entitled “American Teen” last 2017.

Khalid is no stranger in seeing his name and songs at the top of the charts because he has compositions making it on the Billboard top 100. His debut single “Location” released in 2016 reached number 16 on the “US Billboard Hot 100 Chart”, and later on became quadruple platinum.

Even in his young, supposedly carefree age, Khalid’s songs are known to possess a feel-good vibe, with no offensive words present in the lyrics. His songs present a chill vibe, perfect for people who just want to listen to good R&B music.

Following his career’s success, he released another single in 2018 called “Love Lies”. The song was a collaboration and duet with singer Normani of Fifth Harmony and was used in the movie Love, Simon. Love Lies peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Free Spirited Album

This year, Khalid is back to treat his fans again to a new album. Like his fresh young age, his second album is aptly named “Free Spirited”, as the listener will feel young and free while listening to all 17 tracks.

Khalid’s compositions may seemingly sound the same, as his beats are predominantly R&B and soft rap and this album is no exemption.

If you’re not used to Khalid’s manner of singing, you’ll actually think that the singer is about to fall asleep while rapping. But the truth of the matter is, it’s just Khalid’s over-the-top chill rap demeanor, and his fans are craving more of it.


Talk is the lead single of the Free-Spirited Album. The video is regarded as a flick straight out of the ’90s, with the use of heavy lights, neon-colored backgrounds and young vibe. The song talks about young love, and its tendency to progress faster than expected.

The song’s beat makes you smile while you groove a bit, remembering your first love with the lyrics.

Outta My Head featuring John Mayer

John Mayer is famous for crooning his way to the ladies, as much as Khalid is known for his steady R&B, and this collaboration feels just like that. Brimming with Mayer’s signature humming, the lyrics talk about a guy who can’t seem to forget the girl that he likes.

Khalid admitted that this song is his favorite because of the special story behind it. He was walking out of the recording studio and ran into John Mayer, and the collaboration became a reality.


The track “Better” is actually from Khalid’s 2018 Extended Play (EP) Suncity. Better is included in the Free-Spirited Album because it is actually a follow up of Suncity. This song has a nice beat to it, coupled with sensually themed lyrics made subtle by indirect metaphors.

Even though the song discusses promiscuity, Khalid’s steady and relaxed voice won’t make you feel heavy in any way. The song has a very good potential to reach the Billboard pop chart.

Nonbelievers say that Khalid’s album is quite long, while others say that it sounds very “safe” for a potential superstar. Nevertheless, if you’re into R&B, the Free-Spirited Album is designed to make you feel good, and very much worth listening to.

A Spotlight on 2 of Bela Fleck’s Remarkable Albums USA Music Albums on white background 820x510 - A Spotlight on 2 of Bela Fleck’s Remarkable Albums

A Spotlight on 2 of Bela Fleck’s Remarkable Albums

Often circular in shape, the banjo is one of the uniquely shaped guitar-looking instruments in the market today. Because of its distinct upbeat sound, the banjo is often associated with country music and jazz.

This string instrument is not exclusive to this type of genre. Sometimes, the banjo can also produce different types of music, most especially if it is in the hands of a legend.

Banjo Legend

Mr. Bela Anton Leos Fleck is considered as one of the greatest banjo players in the world. He was born on July 10, 1958, and is of American descent. He has two bands namely New Grass Revival and Bela and the Flecktones, the latter being an obvious offshoot of his name.

He has shown exemplary achievement throughout his career, evident in the many awards that he’s received. Fleck even got to play alongside the Dave Matthews Band, letting banjo crossover from country to alternative rock!

He has a total of 30 Grammy nominations for his tracks, 16 of which he won. What’s even more spectacular is the fact that he is the most Grammy-nominated instrumentalist of all time!

Throughout his career, Fleck has released more than 30 albums already. During an interview, he was asked which albums or tracks he considered as career highlights. Let’s discuss two of these albums here.

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Album

The first will always be the most memorable, at least in terms of a music album. Produced in 1990, Fleck considers this self-titled album as one of the most remarkable because it introduced him and his band to the world.

He singles out a particular track from the album called “The Sinister Minister”. The song is loaded with harmonica sounds and it had a different funky beat but it surprisingly went well with the banjo sounds.

Throwdown Your Heart, Tales from The Acoustic Planet Album

He regards this album as particularly special because every track has a different flavor. The different sounds used in the whole album came from collaborations with different African countries such as Uganda, Mali and Tanzania. The album is heavy with the sounds of African drums.

The album was produced in 2009, and the album inspired the creation of a movie with the same name. The album and the movie are actually a documentary of sorts because these are documentations of his search for the origins of the underrated banjo.

Truly, there are more music options apart from the famous guitar. Music lovers just have to explore more music genres and albums to find new discoveries.

Mr. Bela Fleck definitely proved that the banjo could produce a lot of different music offerings even if it’s not really a mainstream instrument. Fleck is really a legend in his own right. His albums are quite nice treats for the music lover’s ears.

If you’re still not into banjo music yet, why don’t you try listening to one of his many albums today?