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Top 3 Songs in Khalid’s New Album “Free Spirited”

Khalid Donnel Robinson is an American singer and songwriter more commonly known as Khalid. Born in 1998, this young talent of just 21 years old is well on his way of becoming a superstar on his own.

He released his first studio album entitled “American Teen” last 2017.

Khalid is no stranger in seeing his name and songs at the top of the charts because he has compositions making it on the Billboard top 100. His debut single “Location” released in 2016 reached number 16 on the “US Billboard Hot 100 Chart”, and later on became quadruple platinum.

Even in his young, supposedly carefree age, Khalid’s songs are known to possess a feel-good vibe, with no offensive words present in the lyrics. His songs present a chill vibe, perfect for people who just want to listen to good R&B music.

Following his career’s success, he released another single in 2018 called “Love Lies”. The song was a collaboration and duet with singer Normani of Fifth Harmony and was used in the movie Love, Simon. Love Lies peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Free Spirited Album

This year, Khalid is back to treat his fans again to a new album. Like his fresh young age, his second album is aptly named “Free Spirited”, as the listener will feel young and free while listening to all 17 tracks.

Khalid’s compositions may seemingly sound the same, as his beats are predominantly R&B and soft rap and this album is no exemption.

If you’re not used to Khalid’s manner of singing, you’ll actually think that the singer is about to fall asleep while rapping. But the truth of the matter is, it’s just Khalid’s over-the-top chill rap demeanor, and his fans are craving more of it.


Talk is the lead single of the Free-Spirited Album. The video is regarded as a flick straight out of the ’90s, with the use of heavy lights, neon-colored backgrounds and young vibe. The song talks about young love, and its tendency to progress faster than expected.

The song’s beat makes you smile while you groove a bit, remembering your first love with the lyrics.

Outta My Head featuring John Mayer

John Mayer is famous for crooning his way to the ladies, as much as Khalid is known for his steady R&B, and this collaboration feels just like that. Brimming with Mayer’s signature humming, the lyrics talk about a guy who can’t seem to forget the girl that he likes.

Khalid admitted that this song is his favorite because of the special story behind it. He was walking out of the recording studio and ran into John Mayer, and the collaboration became a reality.


The track “Better” is actually from Khalid’s 2018 Extended Play (EP) Suncity. Better is included in the Free-Spirited Album because it is actually a follow up of Suncity. This song has a nice beat to it, coupled with sensually themed lyrics made subtle by indirect metaphors.

Even though the song discusses promiscuity, Khalid’s steady and relaxed voice won’t make you feel heavy in any way. The song has a very good potential to reach the Billboard pop chart.

Nonbelievers say that Khalid’s album is quite long, while others say that it sounds very “safe” for a potential superstar. Nevertheless, if you’re into R&B, the Free-Spirited Album is designed to make you feel good, and very much worth listening to.