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7 Types of Metal Music You Should Know About

Rock is one of the music genres that is widely accepted by the masses. But not a lot of people know that rock has many different genres underneath it. Case in point, metal is a subgenre of rock.

But, did you know that there are still subgenres of metal music?

Metal may all sound the same but each one definitely has some unique characteristics. Find out more in this article.

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal is one of the most famous types of metal because it has the closest resemblance to the metal music produced by Led Zeppelin and Ozzy Osborne’s Black Sabbath Band. Heavy Metal is almost always just called Metal.

Thrash Metal

If metal and hardcore punk music had a child, thrash metal would be it. Thrash was born in the 1980s, and its derived music influences from both this genre. There was this term called the “Big Four of Thrash”, giving credits to the four bands that made this type of metal known.

Thrash Metal bands were Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax. Metallica gets some plus points for bringing home metal music’s first platinum record for their album “Master of Puppets”.

Death Metal

Death Metal utilizes heavy growls and roars throughout the songs. The complex riffs and down-tuned guitar solos are also unmistakably Death Metal. The lyrics often possess elements of death and antichrist. Two of the most famous death metal bands are Slayer and Kreator.

Black Metal

Black Metal is sometimes regarded as death metal but technically the two are separate subgenres. Yes, they have the same elements of antichrist in their lyrics but one thing separates black metal from the others – distortion.

Distorted guitar sounds play in the background to create extreme noise. A famous black metal band is the United Kingdom’s Venom.

White Metal

After black, comes white. It’s hard to imagine that something light will come from the heaviness of metal but believe it or not, there really is such a thing as white metal.

As the name suggests, white metal is the opposite of death or black metal in terms of lyrics. It has lyrics that talk about God and Christianity. Famous bands in this genre are Jerusalem and Resurrection Band.

Power Metal

Power metal became the answer to fans craving for metal music but without the death lyrics of black and heavy growls of death. Yes, power metal still has some heavy guitar riffs and fast pacing but the lyrics are “cleaner” and more melodic, sometimes with the use of keyboards. Helloween is a famous power metal band from Germany.

Doom Metal

This type of metal is easy to spot because of its recognizably slow pacing. Doom metal still has the same elements of heavy guitar riffs and shouting tendencies but the crawling tempo is unique for its subgenre.

One of the most famous doom metal bands is Black Sabbath, a pillar of metal music.

When you thought that metal music is all just the same, think again. It’s just as complex and diverse as any other genres out there. Plus, it holds a loyal fan base, the ones that enjoy wearing their ripped jeans while headbanging to the new and classic metal albums on their playlist.