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5 Best Selling Albums Of 2018 You Should Know About

Music nowadays tends to become easier to get hold of, most especially since there is an influx of songs readily available in the digital market.

One would literally line up for hours at a record store just to get the latest release of a favorite musician before the Internet happened.

Today, millions of music produced by music legends are literally at our fingertips, ready for our personal consumption.

Fans are given all the more options to “cherry-pick” only the specific songs they like in a particular album, without buying the whole thing in digital format, and straight download to a favorite gadget afterwards.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 bestselling albums of 2018, along with the number of sold units.

The Greatest Showman Soundtrack (3.5 million)

The Greatest Showman movie is considered a success by many fans that got to watch it, raking in an impressive $400 million worldwide. The soundtrack sounds as grandiose as the actual movie itself, with some tracks sung by a bunch of people just like in the movie.

Of course, there are a lot of songs in the movie’s soundtrack as its genre is actually a musical drama film. The song “A Million Dreams” has an inspirational theme to it, creating a nice duet for two of the characters.

Love Yourself: Answer and Tear by BTS (2.7 million)

Korean pop, or fondly called K-Pop, is sweeping the world by storm. No wonder this seven-member boy band from South Korea is included in this list! Apart from producing one of the greatest selling albums of 2018, BTS also has a huge presence in social media.

They are the most retweeted celebrity in twitter for 2017 and 2018, and that’s for two consecutive years! The songs are written purely in Korean, but apparently, their non-Korean fans can sing to their songs without any problem!

A Star Is Born Soundtrack (1.9 million)

Lady Gaga, by herself, is already a superstar. The musical romantic drama film is actually the third remake of a 1937 movie with the same title. Gaga’s costar Bradley Cooper is also the producer and director of this movie, and both actors gained praises for their acting abilities.

The album is peppered with songs played with guitars and tunes as if made specifically for Gaga and Cooper themselves. Both spectacularly performed the songs and conveyed the emotions hidden within the lyrics.

Mon Pays C’est L’amour by Johnny Hallyday (1.7 million)

Jean-Philippe Leo Smet, or better known for his stage name Johnny Hallyday, is a big influence in the French Rock n’ Roll scene. He released a total of 79 albums during his 57 years in the music industry, making him one of the most successful French artists of all time.

The songs in the album have hints of soft rock, modern and classic rock, using a lot of guitar strumming and snappy drumbeats.

But no doubt, his strong belting and sometimes-husky masculine voice are quite distinct, coupled with a sexy proper French, Johnny and his albums are indeed hard to forget.

Divide by Ed Sheeran (1.3 million)

Ed Sheeran just exudes pure talent. Not only is he talented with singing, but he is also equally talented as a composer, having written songs for himself and other famous artists.

One of the most recognizable tracks in the album is the song “Perfect”, which almost instantly became a favorite at engagement proposals and most especially at wedding receptions.

His guitar playing and dreamy voice blended exquisitely well in the orchestra background, adding a nice touch to classic pop music.

There were definitely a lot of awesome songs and albums released in 2018. Which one is your favorite?