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4 Famous People Who Actually Plays the Ukulele

Looking like a mini guitar, the ukulele has a distinct dreamy sound. If you close your eyes and strum at it at the same time, it is as if you are instantly whisked away to the nearest beach and into the waves.

It’s no wonder the ukulele “sounds like summer” because it was originally brought to the Hawaii islands by Portuguese immigrants.

Ukulele players actually say that it is easier to learn than a guitar or a violin, and beginners can actually play some simple songs in a matter of days.

This cute instrument is crossing over to pop music, and here are some famous people who can actually play the ukulele but not a lot of people know about. See for yourself!

George Harrison

George Harrison is famous for being the lead guitarist of the extremely popular band “The Beatles”. Of course, he has the guitar-playing prowess, but playing a (much) smaller instrument can be a little challenging for a man used to playing lead on a proper guitar.

Harrison wrote in 1999 that everyone should learn how to play the “Uke” because it’s easy to carry and loads of fun! He is also quoted in saying that he loved the thing and encouraged other people to go out and get one for themselves.

Bruce Springsteen

It’s hard to imagine that a masculine rock legend like Springsteen is holding a small ukulele, but the truth of the matter is, he’s been seen in concerts playing it on stage!

With his subtle lower lip goatee, open shirt and rock star attitude while handling a delicate ukulele, everything is just a sight to behold. Springsteen was seen playing the ukulele while singing “I Wanna Marry You” during his band’s concert in 2015.

Taylor Swift

This sensational pop superstar is all too familiar with playing an acoustic guitar, as the majority of Swift’s compositions are revolving around the country, folk and pop genre. Swift is often seen playing the ukulele, especially in her concerts.

She looks just as dainty as the ukulele that she’s holding! During her successful “Speak Now” world tour in 2011, she was seen playing her instrument, and singing along with it to the tune of “Hey, Soul Sister.”

Elvis Presley

This rock ‘n roll icon is no doubt one of the greatest musical influences of all time, and that’s exactly the reason why he is called the king. Presley had dashing good looks, and his dreamy voice was just perfect for the breezy tunes of the ukulele.

Presley has a number of songs played on the ukulele, such as the “Blue Hawaii” and the famous “I can’t help falling in love”, which is still enjoyed even to this day.

The ukulele is such a nice addition to the string instruments that we are accustomed to. Even a famous musician that we never really envisioned to use the ukulele, are actually fans of it.

Did you expect that a Beatles member knows how to play the ukulele? Did you ever imagine a rock star like Bruce Springsteen would be holding and playing such a cute little ukulele?

Were you surprised by what you discovered? Hit us up with your thoughts, we would love to hear from you!